Collared Bear Study


2011 Update from Biologist Anthony Crupi, Alaska Department of Fish and Game

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game began a radio collaring study in the Chilkoot in October 2008. They collared 233,a 2 year old female, and 235, a 4 year old female. We recovered those collars last summer and then deployed two new GPS collars, one on 235, now with two cubs, and one on BMJ (443), now with three cubs. Ear tags were put on 235’s cubs, Number 637, a male, has Left-Yellow and Right-Green ear tags and 636, a female, has Left-Green and Right-Yellow ear tags. One of BMJ’s cubs was also marked, a male 444 has Left -Blue and Right-Pink. Collars on both sows are set to release this Fall. Based on the collaring research, it is believed a fair representation of the habitat use and movement patterns of human tolerant bears using the lower Chilkoot. However, about a third of the bears using the lower Chilkoot are far less tolerant and it would be interesting to see how their habitat use differs, but there are not any funds allocated at this point for such a study.