About Us

Our organization is comprised of a group of volunteers and supporters representing diverse interests, who are dedicated to finding solutions to the issues challenging the Chilkoot River.

Board of Directors

The board consists of seven elected directors representing interests of academic, business, Lutak Residents, Native community, professional, scientifc, and sport fishing.


Pam Randles - President

Dan Egolf - Vice President

Tim McDonough - Treasurer

Tom McGuire - Co-Secretary

Ann Puffer - Co-Secretary

Richard Folta - Director



For more than two thousand years humans have shared the Chilkoot River Valley with salmon, brown bears and eagles. As the home for many generations of Chilkoot Natives, the land is a repository of cultural significance, as well as prime wildlife habitat. The lower river corridor is currently used by local residents and travelers for subsistence and sport fishing, for wildlife viewing and commercial tourism. Increased pressure on the resource has called into question whether the balance of human and bear activity can continue. The Alaska Chilkoot Bear Foundation works to forge partnerships to ensure that all elements of the ecosystem will continue to exist in harmony for generations to come.